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  • I  want to thank Jane and everyone at Vitality for all the help in getting our newest employee on board.  Not only were you “Jane-on-the-spot”, you were great at creating a seamless process that allowed Read More

    Paul Camp Vice President of Operations, Ridgemont Commercial Construction
  • For over a decade, we have trusted the team at Vitality to help us find and hire talented staff at nearly every level and function. They take the time to understand our hiring need, slow Read More

    Mike O’Brien Senior Vice President, Turner Construction
  • The team at Vitality Group – know us. We’re all about finding the right “who’s.” They understand our culture the kind of talent that fits. When we’re looking to add to our team, we use our Read More

    Jim Kilpatrick Principal, Fortis Construction
  • The first step in selecting a recruiter is finding someone that truly knows and understands the company they are representing and then understands the hiring needs of that company. The Vitality Group took the time Read More

    Gary Nauert Division Leader - Texas , DPR Construction
  • In 1998 I was contacted as a candidate, by the team that is now at Vitality Group.  16 years later, they remain a trusted business partner. I have been fortunate to be both a candidate Read More

    John Assunto Construction Executive, BNBuilders, Inc.
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