The Insane Construction Boom in Dallas, Texas

Living and Working in the Boomtown of Dallas Everything really is bigger in Texas - and these days, that's most true of the local economy, the number of companies moving here, and the overall growth. Texas is undergoing a period of incredible Read More

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Construction Life in Austin, TX – Rocks!

6 Reasons to move your life to Austin, Texas For whatever reason, you might be thinking of moving. Moving is a great idea – getting a nice change of scenery can be very refreshing, and it’s a great way to really start fresh. But of Read More

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Construction Management Careers 101

A career in construction management is ideal for those that love building, enjoy hard work and are willing to learn continually. Construction managers, also known as general contractors and project managers, plan, coordinate, budget, and Read More

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Construction Life in San Francisco

QUALITY OF LIFE Considering a move to San Francisco? You’re in luck! The city was ranked #1 for quality of life in the United States, and 28th worldwide. It’s no wonder why the Paris of the West -- with its Victorian houses, colorful Read More

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Considering a Construction Career and Life in Nashville, Tennessee?

QUALITY OF LIFE Nashville’s live music, BBQ, year-round festivals, outdoors activities, sunny weather, friendly locals, quirky boutiques, and thriving university scene all make it a wonderful place to call home. The city features regularly in Read More

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Top 10 Job Boards of 2017

If you’re on the hunt for a new position, you’ve probably checked out at least a couple of job boards. Some of them cost you nothing to peruse and fill out applications, and others will cost you a pretty penny. You’ll find everything from Read More

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