Our Process

Refined and Optimized Process


Initial Client Interview

Our client-briefing meeting is the start of our search process. It begins with a discussion surrounding critical business issues that the selected candidate will address and the essential requirements of the position. Next, our team will qualify the behavioral characteristics that the best candidates will require to succeed in the position. The team will also review the competencies required to successfully navigate through the situations the candidate will most likely encounter on the job. Beyond the commitment, and our proven search methodology, our team is what makes Vitality stand out, bringing genuine insight in understanding your hiring needs. Their decades of experience in executive search and in Commercial Construction and Commercial Real Estate Development give them real-life sensitivity to many aspects of the performance requirements of the role and the insight to forecast problems throughout the entirety of the search and interview process. Importantly, the same team that participates in the initial interview and brief will handle every aspect of the search through completion.



Vitality will conduct interviews with the senior leadership team, and all other parties who will participate on the interviewing team. We will acquire a complete summary of your organization’s company history, environment, corporate culture, market and project expertise, past & current projects and clients, operational policies, benefit programs, and the community involvement of the organization. We will develop and refine a thorough understanding of the search criteria including scope, responsibilities, accountabilities, and interface relationships. Together, we then develop a profile of the qualified candidate including required experience, educational background and behavioral characteristics. This information will be utilized to properly position the client’s organization and opportunity in the eyes of the qualified passive candidate.



Three sources: our network and relationships established over the past 25+ years in the industry, our recruiting partners and their deep networks globally and the real horsepower comes from our research and lead generation team and their deep dive into the market to identify every possible prospective candidate that matches your desired skill set and experience.



How you approach candidates is critical in any search; therefore we never delegate this activity to the Vitality research team. The Vitality team leader working on the engagement is most qualified and experienced to present the opportunity in a compelling way, articulating the nuances of the position and commenting meaningfully on the cultural aspects of your organization. The team leader will also be able to credibly address concerns candidates may have about the opportunity relative to their own careers and current position and company in comparison to opportunity with your organization. In most cases, we are able to surmount any reluctance by ensuring total confidentiality thereby eliminating the threat to job security and gaining cooperation and trust to proceed. Given the background and seniority of our team leaders most candidates view the people approaching them as trusted advisors in the business world and usually value their insight and advice; the high quality of the dialogue between our team leader and candidates greatly increases the prospect of attracting the best talent to your organization. Indeed, our commitment to managing long-term candidate relationships further strengthens this bond and enhances our access to top talent.



Once the short list is created then each candidate is thoroughly evaluated by telephone, interviewed in person, and background references are conducted. We verify and confirm their educational background, experience and requisite behavioral characteristics. References are conducted with direct superiors and executive leaders who had experience with their work performance and are in a position to objectively respond to difficult and revealing questions about performance. Real life examples from a candidate’s professional record allow our team to better predict whether he or she will thrive when challenged with specific performance requirements. Further validation through extensive referencing is the final and crucial complement to the evaluation made by our team.



Once our team completes the candidate appraisals, we present to our client for your consideration, the short list of candidates that most closely match the search criteria. The presentation includes complete background information, educational history, career ambitions and background verifications. We, then schedule, and in some cases, participate in the interviewing process between our client and the finalists.



Serving in an objective third party capacity, Vitality will assist you with your selection. Due to our unique positioning in this process we can assist you with the formulation of the offer if needed. Then, acting as our client’s representative, we coordinate the issuing of the offer, the candidate acceptance and the verification of all terms, conditions and timetables related to the employment agreement. In the war for talent, a skilled and insightful approach to closing a search can make the difference between success and failure. Since our team invests in the relationship with candidates through every step of the search process, they are better able to monitor and address concerns about the job or the practical and personal aspects of transitioning as they arise, minimizing barriers to closure at the final stage of a search.



The period of time between offer acceptance and the candidates actual start date is critical. Together, we develop and implement a transition strategy that will help facilitate for the candidate a smooth transition from their present environment to that of your organization. We follow up with both the candidate as well as your team at regular intervals to check on performance and fit. This continuing bond with candidates and clients is one of the reasons that more than seventy-eight percent of our assignments are repeat engagements for existing clients.