Our Process

Refined and Optimized Process


Initial client interview

In this meeting, we will discuss the fundamental responsibilities of the position and all critical business issues the selected candidate will be expected to effectively manage. This will include the essential requirements of the position including day to day responsibilities and performance expectations. Next we will discuss the soft skills required to be effective and to integrate and assimilate into your organization quickly.



We will take this opportunity to discuss the qualities of the ideal candidate with all of the key leaders who will interface and participate in the interview and selection process. Gaining insight from this group will allow our team to pursue the right candidates for the position and quickly eliminate those who do not meet the universal search criteria. We will also take a deep dive into your company so we can build an effective and descriptive narrative of who you are and why working at your company is something they should consider. This includes company history, people, culture, lifestyle, community involvement, training, career development, mentor programs, clients, customers, subcontractors, designers, integrated technologies, systems, succession planning strategies and status, overview of the leadership team and their stories, management style, the vision, core values and impact the organization is making in the world.



Our team will create an internal pitch deck that will allow our research and recruitment team to effectively present your company and each opportunity/position with passion and excitement but most importantly with accuracy and fact based data that the candidates want to hear. Like in any project, the critical work is done on the front end and that holds true in our ability to identify and attract the right talent to your company. It all begins with our preparation. We use every possible source available to identify talent. It has been our experience that 90% of all high caliber candidates are recruited via a well-rehearsed telephone presentation and discussion followed by an in-person meeting. There’s no question, this approach is far more effective than any other.



In this busy world, we utilize every tool and technology to make contact with potential candidates and referral sources. Our team understands the fine line between making contact and being too aggressive. We take a very deliberate approach in our voice mail messages, email and text messaging to open dialogue and encourage their interest level. There has never been a time where this hasn’t been more essential. When presenting the opportunity, our approach is to first connect and create a platform where the candidate feels comfortable and begins to trust that Vitality has their best interest at heart. Initially more casual the conversation leads to deeper dialogue where transparency and ultimately trust is established. Our series of questions build a story and gently open the dialogue for meaningful discussions around purpose, passion and vision. The goal is to determine if there is alignment or not and then jointly determine if the opportunity you have to offer matches the aspirations and needs of the candidate or not. When we find that match of pure intentions and a match of qualifications, experience and desires is when we know we have potentially a viable candidate for the position.



Once we determine a proper match, we then take a deeper dive into the candidates qualifications, experience, technical abilities and interpersonal competencies. We confirm their educational background and experiences, leadership skills and leadership roles in all areas of their life, behavioral characteristics, unique skills or interests that make them stand out and add additional value and depth to a team and much more. We also reach out to references to ensure that they are who they say they are and look for both gaps and missing information and attributes that you would want to know as an employer.



Once our short list has been verified, we will reach out to you and your hiring team to discuss the short list or in some cases present each candidate as they surface. It is not always possible to develop short list in this scarce market so we try to expedite the process as much as possible allowing you every opportunity and a timing advantage in this process. We will provide a detailed overview of the candidates experience, project experience, responsibilities, accountabilities, accomplishments, educational background and any other relevant information related to their candidacy that will allow you to see beyond simply a resume or LinkedIn profile.



Serving in an objective capacity, we will be as involved in the selection process as you like. It is entirely up to you. We do however suggest keeping Vitality involved to allow for us to share our insight and experience related to strategies to improve the process, prepare for any unforeseen challenges such as other job offers or interviews or any other reluctance from the candidates and so we are aligned and informed to work together towards the common goal.



The period of time between offer acceptance and the candidates actual start date is critical. Together, we develop and implement a transition strategy that will help facilitate for the candidate a smooth transition from their present environment to that of your organization. We follow up with both the candidate as well as your team at regular intervals to check on performance and fit. This continuing bond with candidates and clients is one of the reasons that more than seventy-eight percent of our assignments are repeat engagements for existing clients.