Life Sciences

Vitality’s significant experience recruiting in the Life Sciences sector of the Construction industry nearly coincided with the founding of DPR Construction.  We were there when they were founded, had a hand in building their initial talent pool, and our companies grew quickly as they forever changed the construction industry.  DPR is only one example of a Life Sciences construction firm with whom we partner – we have helped numerous companies just like them, from the ambitious start up to the multibillion dollar, multinational – find the right talent who have not only the technical competencies required to excel in the individualized aspects of their station, but also the soft skills required to develop a deep and lasting relationship with key clients.  A true and lasting relationship that extends beyond the responsibilities of a single project.  At Vitality, we share the same passion our clients have for their culture, their core ideologies, their vision, their people – and we share in their passion for growth – by helping them build world class buildings of unimaginable variation and diversity built by cross functional teams.


There are forward thinking R&D and Manufacturing facilities that require precision from the core & shell, to the air handling, process piping, electrical and security.  They require a specific type of perfection in each and every individual and process – and we understand that.  Our advisor/advocate/recruiting staff has decades of experience helping our clients identify specialized talent with previous experience in the following sectors: Bioscience, Life Science, Pharmaceutical R&D, Biotech and related scientific facilities domestically and internationally.  Our clients represent the leaders like Genentech, Boston Scientific and Amgen.  They also represent the world of start-ups and help them develop a space plan for R&D that will allow them to manage cost and maximize R&D discoveries.

This is an industry that is concentrated in surprisingly few locations domestically, and we know those locations intimately, as well as how to quickly identify and access the talent residing there.  We know each candidate well, as a thorough career path consultation is provided in the beginning communication of each relationship we build – so we are at the ready with more than one option when you need talent that isn’t in your local market.  We act as Advisors and Advocates, and our primary goal and core ideology is absolute confidentiality – this allows us to assist these talented people in identifying and aligning themselves with the right companies, at the right time, for the right reasons.  We build enduring relationships.