Construction Industry Offer Letters

Once you’ve found the right candidate for the position you are hiring for, it’s time to send an offer letter. You want your offer letter to generate enthusiasm in the candidate and make the potential employee want to accept your employment offer. Let the candidate know how excited you are about him or her being chosen and the skills and experience they will bring to your company. What details should a job offer include? Here are a few items to consider including in your offer letter.

Job Details:

State the position offered, job location, working hours, starting date and a description of the primary responsibilities.


Include the starting salary, frequency of payment, how the salary will be paid and any bonuses, commission payments or stock options being offered. Avoid stating the salary as an annual amount. Instead, list the salary in weekly or monthly terms in order to avoid the suggestion that the employment offered is for a period of a year.


List benefits including insurance, vacation, retirement plans and any agreements made such as covering relocation costs and travel expenses. You may refer to your company or third party handbooks for more detail about any benefits listed.


Say that the offer is contingent upon completion of any paperwork including employment verification, background checks, references and confidentiality and non-compete agreements.

At-will employment:

Use a disclaimer statement to ensure the candidate knows that there are no contracts for a specific length of employment and that the terms of the job are subject to change. Note the employment will be on an “at-will” basis, meaning that either the employee or the company may terminate the employment at any time.


Close your letter by including contact information for any questions the candidate may have about the offer letter. State the date by which the candidate must respond to your job offer and if accepted, when you want the signed offer returned.

Taking Things To The Next Level

If you want to take your employment offer to the next level, consider sending a welcome kit along with your offer letter. You want your offer to make a positive impression and energize your candidates about working for your company. A welcome kit will make your candidate feel like they’re part of something special. It will feel like more of a welcome gift than just an offer letter.

What should go into a Welcome Kit? Start by creating a welcome folder or binder with your company documents separated into categories with divider tabs. The contents of a welcome packet will vary based on your company’s needs, but some example sections are welcome and onboarding materials, company vision and mission statements, organizational chart and contact details, payroll and holiday schedules, benefits, company policies and procedures, and helpful information including nearby eateries, area maps and public transportation/parking. Include promotional items branded with the company’s logo such as pens, notepads and drinkware in your kit. Consider putting all your welcome kit materials in a branded box or tote bag. Add a personal touch with handwritten welcome notes from leaders in the company.

You’ve invested hours of recruiting and interviewing searching for the right candidate. Once you’ve found that perfect candidate, your goal is to turn that candidate into a member of your team. A great offer letter and welcome kit will help you stand out from your competition and increase your chances of making a great impression and ultimately, your candidate accepting your employment offer.