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Real Estate Developers and General Contractors in the
following market sectors


Commercial Office

We serve the ever-changing Office sector and have a deep network of relationships with talent that have the experience you need to make an impact right away. We have helped our clients find the right talent whether you are a Real Estate Development firm or a Commercial General Contractor, we can move quickly to help you find the right hire quickly. Our client build world class offices for companies in all sectors including: Financial Services, Tech, Life Sciences, Hospitality, Retail,...

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Life Sciences

Vitality Group is a leading executive search firm with a strong network in the Life Sciences sector. We know the people that can handle the complexity of these one-of-a-kind facilities. Hiring talent with both experience in this sector and a passion for this sector is hard to do. We have helped many of the leading Developers and Contractors in this sector find exceptional talent. Our past clients include companies like Alexandria Real Estate Equities and DPR Construction as an example....

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When it comes to finding talent with Industrial sector experience look no further. Our Industrial group has successfully completed some of the most difficult searches in the industry. Whether you’re looking for talent with manufacturing, tilt-wall, distribution, warehouse, food & beverage or even in the energy sector we can help. Today, the Amazon revolution has elevated the need for talent with large industrial/distribution space and both Developers and Contractors have never been busier and in demand. The best employees are...

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Vitality Group has a track record of completing executive and mid-management searches for both Real Estate Developer and General Contractors that specialize in serving the Education sector. Our clients are involved in a wide variety of Education sector projects for institutions in K-12, Public and Private Universities, Trade Schools, Private Elementary, Faith-based Institutions, Early Childhood Schools and more. Today’s learning environments are always changing and finding the right talent that understands how innovative environments are critical for the next generation...

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Vitality is a leader in the Healthcare and Medical sector. We help Real Estate Developers and General Contractors identify and hire experienced talent with a strong resume in the Healthcare sector. Your project might be a new hospital, expansion, renovation, or modernization. We also have helped many of our clients bring their Real Estate deals to life in the Medical Office, Surgery Center, Outpatient ER’s, Clinics, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Cancer Treatment, Behavioral Health and other sectors that fall under healthcare...

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Interiors / Small Projects

These projects move quickly. We love working with Developers or Builders who have a specialty in the small projects or interiors sector. This is where talent can learn the industry and gain momentum quickly in their careers because it is simply so fast paced. These projects and clients have unique demands and look for creativity and uniqueness but also can be cost conscience or quite the opposite where design, function and materials are everything. We know the Interiors sector and...

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The surge of new hotels and entertainment venues is on the rise and we have worked for both the Owner/Developer like Starwood as well as Builders who also specialize in building world-class hotels and resorts both locally and internationally. Our team has a deep network of candidates with prior experience building these resorts and properties in some of the most unusual and difficult environments. If you are looking for experienced talent that have prior hospitality experience, we can be a...

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The world of travel is alive and well. Airport projects come in all shapes and sizes. Our team has helped identify talent with prior experience in everything from baggage handling facilities, to terminals, to control towers, to rental car centers and so much more. If you are looking for talent with aviation experience, we can help.

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Retail Real Estate Development and Retail Construction is a fast-paced business. Having the right talent on the team that understands the complexity and schedule of retail is essential to client satisfaction. Our clients rely upon our expertise for talent identification and recruiting in a variety of uses that fall into the Retail category. We have access to and the ability to reach out to passive candidates with the right experience quickly who have Retail experience. Fast Casual Dining Fine Dining...

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The Distribution sector is a large segment of our network and therefore we are a great resource for finding exceptional talent with the right experience. Tilt Wall Construction and Development has its own unique characteristics and having the right team in place who can successfully delivery these projects is critical to your success. Some will say Tilt Wall is simple construction, however forming the concrete panels with rebar and concrete and tilting into vertical position on foundation footings can be...

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The Mixed-Use sector continues to thrive and evolve. Development and Construction of Mixed-Use projects that are pedestrian friendly with residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, medical, recreational, cultural and in some cases industrial uses blended all together brings a new level of complexity. Our recruiting team has provided recruiting services to both Real Estate Developers and Construction Companies who need the right talent with the right experience to deliver these large Mixed-Use projects successfully. We have a strong network of candidates with...

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The multifamily sector is red hot and demands are high for talent in this sector. With a demand for affordable housing and high density residential trending upward, we have been very busy in this sector. Garden Style Apartments Type 5 Construction High Density and Low Rise and High Rise Apartments or Condominiums Reuse or New Construction Urban or Suburban locations Modernization Affordable Housing We are here and can assist you with your recruiting and hiring needs in the multifamily sector...

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Stadiums, arenas, convention centers and other major venues are unique buildings with unique challenges that require innovative and creative teams. These projects are complex and alignment and communication are critical. These venues are places where communities come together, traditions, culture and built by people for people. Our team has successfully completed searches for both Development Firms and Construction Firms that need the right talent with the right experience for these complex projects in the Sports sector.

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Medical Office Buildings to Surgery Centers, we have seen it all. The Medical sector for both Real Estate Developers and Construction Companies is always changing and so the people and companies that serve that sector. The pandemic was a catalyst for change in the medical sector. Our clients have faced and will continue to face change after change as the medical community continues to evolve for the better. Our team has worked for some of the largest Medical and Healthcare...

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Master Planning Communities

Large-scale, mixed-use residential developments with robust, curated amenities that aim to provide residents almost everything they need like a small town does is what Master Planned Communities are all about. These projects are complex and unique and having the team in place who have the experience, network and passion for these types of projects is essential. If you are involved in a Master Planned Community and need to hire either Real Estate development staff or Construction staff, we are here...

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Assisted & Senior Living

Whether we like it or not, that day may come when we all need help from others as we get older. Assisted and Senior Living is a robust sector for both Real Estate Developers and Construction Companies. These projects vary drastically from one to the next depending upon who the target client is and what they are looking for as they need more assistance later in life. Some of these projects have as few as 25 residents and others have...

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The residential sector is stronger than ever. We work for high end luxury builders and developers who have expertise building residential projects ranging from $5M-$50M or more. Finding the right talent with the right experience in this sector is essential. Understanding and knowing how to effectively manage client relationships and the importance of frequent communication and especially that detail-oriented eye are all critical when finding the right hire. These projects are primary residences, vacation properties and/or investment properties that need...

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Positions Filled

  • President
  • Vice President
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • Project Executive
  • Program Manager
  • Project Management
  • Director of Construction
  • Development Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • Controller
  • Director of Marketing
  • Sustainability
  • Operations Manager
  • Preconstruction Manager
  • MEP Director
  • Estimating
  • Business Development
  • General Superintendent
  • Superintendent
  • Senior Project Engineer
  • Field Engineer
  • Safety Director
  • Scheduling
  • Many others

Positions Filled

  • Chief Investment Officer
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • VP of Asset Management
  • VP of Real Estate
  • SVP of Acquisitions
  • President of Construction
  • Director of Design
  • Leasing Director
  • Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Director of Property Management
  • Development Manager
  • Construction Director
  • Construction Manager
  • Regional or Division Leader

Every Company, Person and Position is Unique

We have been hired to complete what some would think are impossible searches. We love a challenge and if anyone can help you, we can. We have completed searches for tech companies, start-up developers, chip manufacturers, rock climbing facilities, ADA and flooring contractors, movie studio’s, landscaping and pool contractors as well as luxury residential builders in the heart of major cities and also in remote destinations. Call us to discuss your unique hiring need.