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Top 10 Trucks for Construction Superintendents

By Shawn Desgrosellier

As a Construction Superintendent, your vehicle is more than a statement, it is who you are and who your company is. It is an identity. So we decided to to dive into the topic and...


Construction Industry Offer Letters

By Shawn Desgrosellier

Once you’ve found the right candidate for the position you are hiring for, it’s...


Top 5 Ways To Motivate Your Team

By Shawn Desgrosellier

Leadership Series, Part 1 of 3 Teamwork is crucial to the success of any...


Top 5 Ways To Inspire Excellence

By Shawn Desgrosellier

In my last blog post I shared my Top 5 Ways To Motivate Your...



Top 5 Ways To Activate Teamwork

By Shawn Desgrosellier

In my last post I shared my Top 5 Ways To Inspire Excellence. Here are a few tips on...

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Forbes ranks Dallas #2 building boom town for construction jobs

By Shawn Desgrosellier

You probably think of Dallas, Texas as the “lone star state” famous for BBQ, football and cattle drives. But...


Job Knowledge is Power For Project Engineers On Path To Project

By Shawn Desgrosellier

If you’ve built a great career in commercial construction, it’s likely you already know Job Knowledge is Power. It...


Top 10 Job Boards of 2017

By Shawn Desgrosellier

Quality of Life If you’re on the hunt for a new position, you’ve probably checked out at least a...


Considering a Construction Career and Life in Nashville, Tennessee?

By Shawn Desgrosellier

Quality of Life Nashville’s live music, BBQ, year-round festivals, outdoors activities, sunny weather, friendly locals, quirky boutiques, and thriving...


Construction Industry Resume Template Vault

By Shawn Desgrosellier

Your resume in the Construction industry is critical to your future. We will share with you the information that...

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Construction Life in San Francisco

By Shawn Desgrosellier

Quality of Life Considering a move to San Francisco? You’re in luck! The city was ranked #1 for quality...


Construction Management Careers 101

By Shawn Desgrosellier

A career in construction management is ideal for those that love building, enjoy hard work and are willing to...


Construction Life in Austin, TX – Rocks!

By Shawn Desgrosellier

6 Reasons to move your life to Austin, Texas For whatever reason, you might be thinking of moving. Moving...


The Insane Construction Boom in Dallas, Texas

By Shawn Desgrosellier

Living and Working in the Boomtown of Dallas Everything really is bigger in Texas – and these days, that’s...