Construction Industry Resume Template Vault

Your resume in the Construction industry is critical to your future. We will share with you the information that will help you stand out, get noticed and get offers.

Construction Resume Differences and Similarities

While many things you need to include in a construction resume are common sense like contact information, work history and project list you need to be sure to give them the little details to really get noticed.

First, use an active voice. Be sure to use strong verbs that indicate getting things done. Use powerful action words like headed, developed, and collaborated. Construction companies are looking for do-ers these days, so sell your abilities to get things done.

One critical component of writing a Construction Industry resume is the importance of project information. Each project you have had any involvement with, needs to be highlighted on your resume and/or project list. We recommend creating a detailed project list to help you keep track of your project experience and to always send along with your resume. Construction companies and Real Estate Developers use their team’s experience to win work, so in Construction your resume will not only get you a job potentially but what they really care about is the ability to then sell your resume to a new or existing client.

Stay Professional

Obviously, your resume should uphold your professional persona. Here are a couple tips:

Design Matters

The design of your resume is the first thing that a potential employer is going to notice. Like it or not, the design says a lot about your personality. A well thought out design that is clean and simple may show that you are intentional, professional, and not prone to frivolities. A more artsy layout that includes color may indicate that you are easygoing and creative. Choose a design that truly reflects your work and that plays into what a potential employer wants in an employee. When in doubt, simple = safe.

Construction Resume Templates

We have created a handful of Construction Resume Templates here that will help you get started with this process. Any of the formats will work for any position, you will just need to modify the content so it matches your experience accurately.

Check out the links below for resume templates that are perfect for the construction industry:

Last But Not Least, Tailor Your Resume

It’s important to make minor adjustments to your resume when applying for jobs online. If you’re unsure what the company is looking for, check out reviews on sites like SimplyHired or GlassDoor and see if you can gain better perspective.

Final Words on Resumes for the Construction Industry

Your resume is critical to your future. It is often your first impression, so it needs to be perfect. Take the time to begin building your resume with all of the essential responsibilities and project experience you have been involved with and build upon it. It is much easier to revise & update your resume once per year if you schedule it, and that will also allow you to recall everything you accomplished. Be wary of resume writing services; make sure that they have legitimate experience and measurable success in the construction industry!

If you need assistance with your resume, feel free to reach out Vitality and we will be happy to help you.