Top 5 Ways To Activate Teamwork

In my last post I shared my Top 5 Ways To Inspire Excellence. Here are a few tips on ACTIVATING teamwork. Again, some will be new ideas and others just a nice reminder. Hope you enjoy!

#1 Set Direction

Leadership’s primary ingredient is vision and direction. This is particularly true when working as a team. You see this in football too, when a quarterback is not clear, plays are botched. By clearly setting goals and objectives, everyone knows where they are headed the part they play.

#2 Provide Resources

Give your lieutenants a consistent place to meet with their reports. Jobsites are not always the best for long-range planning or employee reviews, so consider making arrangements for a more private setting. One idea is to rent a temporary conference space if your corporate office is far from the jobsite.

#3 Build Trust and Respect

By building trust and respect you’ll anchor employees as project scope and timelines fluctuate to completion. These changes alter work scope and often create confusion. Open, transparent communication enables team members to target potential shortcomings upfront and address and these gaps before they become a problem.

#4 Involve Anyone

Commercial construction teams are made up of various members with distinct expertise and varied responsibility. This can create divisiveness. To solve this, invite everyone to join together in-person at least once a year. Consider arranging an outing as a team where individuals can work together in a casual team environment.

#5 Actively Communicate

Listening is the first step to actively communicating. No one likes a boss who just stands up and barks orders. Listening means you take the time to ask questions of your team. This gives you invaluable information about project health and makes your team members feel you care.