Top 5 Ways To Motivate Your Team

Leadership Series, Part 1 of 3

Teamwork is crucial to the success of any commercial construction operation. Every project the firm undertakes requires members with specific skillsets to work together from superintendents to project managers, estimators, subcontractors and on the list goes. Even if you don’t directly manage employees, you likely lead a group responsible for delivering work on time and on budget – or you are part of the process. The true test of a team’s capabilities comes when it is faced with challenging situations like labor shortages, project delays or budgetary changes. To deliver quality work in the midst of these circumstances, leaders must motivate individuals to cooperate for the benefit of the whole, while staying focused on the business outcome.

So what is motivation? Put simply, it’s a leader’s ability to galvanize a group of unique individuals around a common goal, despite personality differences. This synergistic approach drives professionals at every level to produce outcomes beyond the status quo.

Review the Top 5 Ways You Can Motivate Your Team.

#1 Create Great Space

Having a great space – whether it’s a jobsite, trailer, office or cubicle – makes an impact. Use your space to help your team communicate effectively and solve problems. With simple tools like dry erase boards, you can get creative and encourage conversation.

#2 Make Time To Reach

Your team wants to learn, to grow and to take ownership. Consider setting aside time solely devoted to helping your team learn how to effectively manage difficult situations. Repetition is the mother of all learning, so the more time devoted to educating your team, the more likely they will handle future situations with confidence.

#3 Collaborate as a Team

Team collaboration is critical to every successful team. Invite them to work through situations and talk strategies as a group. By making them part of the process, individuals are transformed into partners, resulting in lasting relationships and accountability to one another.

#4 Reward Progress

Recognizing progress is super valuable. Whatever you do, praise them and praise them often. You don’t have to give them a raise – just a little quality time over a burger and a simple “thank you” will go a long way.

#5 Just Care

Seems simple, but it’s not. As a leader, you have to know what is going on with your team at work and at home. Take five minutes to show you care; remember to ask how things are going. By showing you care, you’ll drive loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Leaders also need to be inspired, so I created a PDF version of these top 5 motivation tips customized for professionals in commercial construction. Trying to always “sharpen the saw” as a leader. Enjoy!