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Building amazing buildings is an art. It takes the collaboration of owner’s, bankers, designers, general contractors, specialty contractors, suppliers, consultants, government officials and many more to bring a project from idea to reality.

These people are our life. Our team works diligently to know as many influencers, contributors, leaders, do-ers and connectors as possible to be certain we know as many high quality people in the industry as possible. Knowing the “who” for every scenario we encounter is where we live our life. More importantly is once we know “who” then we focus on building a “relationship” where trust, mutual respect and understanding are built over months and years and not minutes or days. We invest the time to make certain that when we call, they pick up and listen or help if they can. Having a recruiting partner who develops meaningful relationships with passive candidates in the market is essential to building momentum in any search.

Construction is a challenge, but it’s also a good time. With this level of complexity, you need enjoyment to help balance the day and make you want to come back and do it all over again. So we, like the construction industry, like to have fun. Being down to earth, open and honest as well as knowledgeable in our business helps us build those deep relationships needed to be successful.

Sector Expertise

General Contractors


Specialty Contractors

Construction Management


Construction suppliers

Consulting Firms

Minority Status Contractors

Federal Agency Contractors

Executive Search Expertise We can help you with the following positions

  • President
  • Vice President
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • Project Executive
  • Program Manager
  • Project Management
  • Sustainability
  • Operations Manager
  • Preconstruction Manager
  • MEP
  • Estimating
  • Business Development
  • General Superintendent
  • Superintendent
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Senior Project Engineer
  • Scheduling

Many others…..

If you need help with the identification of candidates with a specific skill set in a middle to senior level management or similar position in a related industry or function, please call us to discuss your specific hiring need in greater detail. If we are not the right firm, we will try to refer you to a trusted partner or resource that can assist you.